Kita, J-C, Duchange, N. & Ponsati, A. (2016, Oct.). Open Access Publishing Policies in Science Europe Member Organisations Key Results from Science Europe and Global Research Council Surveys. Science Europe.

This survey report presents an overview of the development of the OA policies of Science Europe Member Organisations up to 2014.

The key findings include:

  • All surveyed organisations had implemented OA policies, whether mandatory or not, or were in the process of implementing one.
  • There was an explicit recognition of the necessity to monitor OA implementation and compliance to existing policies. However, one of the key issues for institutions and funders was the difficulty of identifying published papers that were produced by their researchers or funded by them, and therefore in establishing the proportion of these papers that were published in OA.
  • Organisations declared that awareness-raising activities needed to be appropriately defined for different target audiences (different disciplines, different career stages, different types of actors). Lack of awareness was identified as a barrier to the implementation of OA, so efforts on that issue need to continue. Targeting early-career-stage researchers (PhDs and postdocs) is essential in encouraging new habits of publication and enabling a cultural shift in the way that OA is perceived by the research community.
  • In the view of Member Organisations, concerted actions at all levels, national and international, were crucial to the implementation of OA and the transition to ‘Open Science’.



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