(2016, July). Report on the Proceedings of the International advances in digital scholarship JISC and CNI conference. Oxford University, UK. http://repository.jisc.ac.uk/6511/1/jisc-and-cni-2016-report-on-proceedings.pdf

This report describes the diversity of the discussions, conclusions, and potential follow-on actions that took place during this JISC and the Coalition of Networked Information CNI conference.  The following are three compelling results from the conference.

  • There are new concerns around openness and transparency when it comes to analytics, whether for research or learning; this is about the openness of algorithms and being transparent about the data used to drive any analytics or draw insights and metrics
  • There is a common desire and need for consistent and open identifiers, for example for digital outputs, people, places, organisations, etc. Progress in this area has been made but there is much further work to do. We need a commitment to global solutions and serious commitments to interoperability here
  • Shared infrastructure and services is a very live issue on both sides of the Atlantic and how to create sustainable infrastructure is key, but also there was, we think more strongly than ever before a desire not to re-invent the wheel and to genuinely think about sharing services more widely, while recognizing the real organisational challenges of finding ways to do so




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